What is the story behind patient and empowered™?

The patient and empowered™ blog chronicles the personal cancer experience of its founder, Christine Boyle.  More information about the blog can be viewed here.

What are the blog community and content usage guidelines?
  1. Always be respectful and civil.
  2. Please do not post personal or any other identifying information, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc.
  3. Any content deemed inappropriate will be deleted.
  4. Commercial solicitation or advertising on the blog is not permitted.
  5. All content contained on the blog including, but not limited to, blog posts, photos and graphic images may not be used or re-posted without written permission from patient and empowered™.
How often is the blog updated?

A new essay is posted every Tuesday.

Is patient and empowered™ on social media?

Yes, new content is posted every week to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Are you interested in sharing other patient stories on patient and empowered™?

Yes!  In the coming months we have plans to expand the blog to include patient stories.  If you are interested in having your story featured on patient and empowered™, please email hello@patientandempowered.com.

Who designed the blog?

The blog was designed by Karalee Serra of Artisan Marketing Group.  Content strategy and support is managed by Nicki Ong of Red Vine Studio.  Artwork featured on the blog was created exclusively for patient and empowered™ by artist Ben Baldwin.

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